Spa Setting

Find Your Centre

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Massage Therapist, I work with you to restore your balance and find your centre.

Hand Massage


Balance Your Whole Body

A deeply relaxing treatment using the feet to balance the whole body. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the feet correspond to organs and systems of the body. It incorporates aspects of a foot massage but has far reaching effects.

£35/50 mins

Swedish Massage

Blissful Relaxation

This is a relaxing, flowing massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. It involves rhythmic and kneading techniques to work the soft tissue and ease day-to-day stresses and muscular tension.


Deep Tissue Massage

Get into that Tension

A very firm massage, using mostly forearm and elbow pressure. Ideal if you have chronic muscular tension, either from sitting or sporting activity. It may help prevent injuries and assist recovery from workouts. 



Opening Hours

By Appointment:

Monday, Thursday, Friday 11 am to 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Appointments may be available outside of these hours on request.



What should I expect from my first session?

Before your massage starts you will have a consultation for you to explain what you want to achieve from your treatment, any areas you want to be focused on, and anything else you wish to discuss. Massage and reflexology can sometimes be uncomfortable but the pressure and techniques can always be adjusted to your preference. Afterwards it is advisable to drink plenty of water and it's normal to feel a bit achy because the muscles have been worked on (a bit like after you've been to the gym).

What should I wear when I come for a treatment?

Please wear something easy to remove and put back on. You will need to undress to your underwear for massages, although you may keep some loose fitting shorts on if you'd like. For reflexology you will be required to expose your feet and lower legs, so try to avoid very tight fitting trousers.

What should I bring with me?

Please wear a face mask before entering the building. Please bring a bottle of water for your refreshment. If you haven't paid online, bring cash or a card to pay.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, click here and scroll down to Gift Certificates